Ski-tour around Arslanbob village

January is the best season for ski-touring around Arslanbob village.

Reservations are available throughout January for groups of 3 or more. We also have places in the January 8-17 program. These are two areas in 10 days, Arslanbob and Suusamyr.

Prices from $ 1050 for a weekly tour with an all-inclusive package.

Arslanbob (Arslanbap) - a unique creation of the nature locates in the south of Kyrgyzstan. It is blossoming oasis at the altitude 1600 meters above sea level. Arslanbob area lies on the southwestern slope of the Fergana range. Arslanbob is famous for spectacular relic walnut forests. Extensive area of fruit and nut forests in the valley of Arslanbob is the largest one in the world. Walnut forests are not the only attraction of the place. The air, the nature and the mountain landscapes are real treasures of this region. The rocky summit of Bobash-Ata peak (4430 m) majestically rises above the valley. The local people are very welcoming and friendly. The Arslanbob village is a place with narrow streets and national style houses.


The Fergana mountain range separates the cold Tien-Shan Mountains from the hot plains of the Fergana Valley. Rare climatic conditions create here a

special microclimate. Here is the maximum precipitation in Kyrgyzstan and there is amazing snow in the winter.