Mountain Sky Travel is creative travel company, which operates in Kyrgyzstan. We have a lot of experience in the sphere of touristic business. Our team members have been offering good service in Kyrgyz mountains for many years as well for travel agencies as for independent groups. All employees: guides and cooks, managers and office workers know, love and perceive mountains. We understand what our guests need for an unforgettable journey.

Our specialization – акis skiing, hiking, jeep tours, as well as rock climbing and expedition.

We have experience in expeditions for more than 25 years.

We do not only go to mountains, but we also teach others how to.

We have experience with children's groups during activities as in the city as in mountains.

We have a lot of practice in managing tent and yurt camps – for one-day, auto, high-altitude tours and hard-to-reach places.

We were the first to begin the development of skitour and backcountry skiing in Kyrgyzstan. Also we explore new areas and slopes.

Our team:

  • Mountain guides UIAGM-IFMGA
  • Mountaineering instructors
  • Masters of sports in mountaineering and climbing
  • Experienced trainer of rock climbing and tourism
  • Pros in extreme driving upon mountain area
  • Cooks with years of experience

We develop and conduct our programs with flying colors. We are always in search for something new, interesting, and undiscovered. We implement our ideas in self-expeditions, hikes and excursions, and only then offer it to our guests.

We do not deny ordinary programs, since they are visiting card of Kyrgyzstan, that is why we try to add special appeal.

We can make any changes to the program as you wish. Share your ideas, and we will plot a program specially for you.

Travel with us and you will see something that no one has ever seen.


Andrei Shevtsov, born in 1975 - a mountain guide. Underwent trainings on IFMGA-UIAGM system in Kyrgyzstan. Ascents: Khan-Tengri Peak (6995 m) and Lenin Peak (7134 m). Expedition to Pobeda Peak (7439 m). Annually reaches the summit of Lenin Peak and descends from there on skis. Skier - since childhood; goes in for ski touring and backcountry skiing for many years. One of the pioneers of ski-tour in Kyrgyzstan. He likes traveling and any Outdoor activity. In spare time he searches for new and interesting areas for outdoor activities.

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Nikolai Gutnik, born in 1975. Master of Sports in alpinism, instructor of 2nd category, mountain guide IFMGA-UIAGM standard. Ascents: Khan-Tengri Peak (6995 m), Lenin Peak (7134 m) and Muztagh Ata Peak (7546) as a guide. Also technical ascents of high difficulties of climbing both in summer and in winter. Twice reached the summit of Mount McKinley, participated in expeditions to eightthousanders in Nepal and Pakistan. Guide for any kind of activity - hiking, skiing, mountaineering. Looks for new routes and develops programs based on them. In spare time he likes to travel either on foot or on car, discovering new corners of our country.

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Artur Usmanov, born in 1988. Much experience in mountaineering. At the moment, one of the strongest climbers in Kyrgyzstan, "Snow Leopard" (5 seventhousanders CIS), more than 150 technical ascents, 12 high-rise. Experience mountain guide since 2009, in 2011 was qualified as a mountain guide IFMGA-UIAGM standard. Great experience in high-altitude mountaineering and technical programs. Also successfully improved in the ski tour and hiking mountain hikes. In his spare time, improves their athletic skills. It is easy to find common language with people. A good friend and reliable partner.

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Marina Galtsova, born in 1968. She is developing rock climbing sport in Kyrgyzstan most of his life. Since 1991, she works as a trainer of rock climbing, trained several masters of sport climbing. Marina built the first rock wall in Kyrgyzstan in the Academy of Physical Education and Sport, then a dozen more. She is the Pedagogue of the highest level, works in the Center of children's creativity. Currently, she is the coach of the national team. Marina also likes trekking and skis. She is regular participant of our events. He likes adventure, travel and painting.

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