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June 1 - August 31


12 days / 11 nights


$ 1460




Razdelnaya peak is altitude 6148 meters is located on the border between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in Pamir Mountains, Chon-Alai Range. The nearest peaks are Lenin Peak (7134 m) and Dzerzhinsky peak (6713 m).

The route of ascent is the same as the route to Lenin Peak. The Camp 3 on the Lenin peak route is located close to the top of Razdelnaya peak.

The route does not contain complex ice or rocky areas. But nevertheless, you need to take time for physical training and get initial technical skills before climbing.

The program starts from Osh - a city with noisy eastern bazaars, green streets and hospitable locals. From the Osh city to the Base Camp takes 4-5 hours by car. The road is mostly good asphalt, only the final 40 km pass along the dirt road.

We suggest that you use the services of our camps under the Lenin Peak. Here you will find spacious tents, delicious varied food, shower and sauna. Our experienced staff will assist you in planning acclimatization campaigns and ascents. We provide a full range of assistance services for climbing - experienced professional guides, tireless high-altitude porters, training in mountaineering and advice on routes, also equipment rental.

The Lenin Peak base camp is located in the Achik-Tash area at an altitude of 3600 meters. This place is ideal for acclimatization and rest before climbing. Small lakes, hiding between green hills, a powerful river flowing at the bottom of the gorge and steep ridges overlooking the snow-capped peaks - everything will leave only pleasant memories in your life.

Accommodation in the Base Camp as well as in the First Camp is offered in double tents. The dining room is made in the Kyrgyz national dwelling – yurt and equipped with everything you need: tables and benches, electricity for charging your equipment (220V 50Hz) and lighting in the evening. Here you can deservedly appreciate the professionalism of our chefs and enjoy the dishes of local and European cuisine. There is a bar with drinks. Water for cooking and drinking is taken from natural springs, but we recommend boil water or take mineral water in bottles.

The first camp is located 12 km from the base camp, at an altitude of 4400 meters. You go on a good trail crossing the Travelers Pass (4100 m), the hiking takes 5-7 hours. The organization of life here is like the Base Camp, just no greenery here. The place for the camp is a stony moraine; we use wooden pallets under all tents and a big tent for the dining room. Daily delivery of fresh products is perfectly arranged and varied, tasty and satisfying menu will pleasantly surprise you.


Automobile 600 km, 5-6 hours

Altitude 1000-3600 m

From the Osh city to the Base Camp takes 5-6 hours by car. The road is mostly good asphalt, only the final 40 km pass along the dirt road. Accommodation in the tents camp.

Walking 10 km, 6 hours

Altitude 3600-4200 m

Six-hour acclimatization walks. Slow climbs to the ridge near the camp allow bettering preparing for the ascent.

Walking 12 km, 6-7 hours

Altitude  3600-4400 m

From Base Camp to the Lukovaya glade about an hour of hiking. This part can be driven by an SUV to save energy and time. Further a good trail rises to the Travelers Pass (4100 m), a small descent down and than a traverse along a steep slope close to the Lenin glacier. The road is very picturesque and it's a lot of fun to go this way in good weather. Before the final part of the way to Camp 1 (ABC) you need to cross the river. Depending on the time of day and weather, you may not notice it by jumping over stones. But sometimes, this is quite a difficult crossing and in this case it's better to use the services of horses to save health before the forthcoming climbing. Camp 1 (4400 m) is located on the lateral moraine of the Glacier of Lenin. For the first time, 5-7 hours is normal transition between BC and C1.

Walking 10 km

Altitude 4400-4700 m

Today it is necessary to make short walks around the camp. You can climb the Home peak, on the way back to go to the moraine lake. After lunch, take a tour to the Lenin glacier.

Walking 5 km, 4 hours

Altitude 4400-5100 m

This is a very picturesque trek to the top of the Panoramic Peak. Here we will have the first night over five thousand meters. The route passes along a steep ridge. There are excellent sites for installing tents on the top. From here you have an excellent view both to Lenin Peak and to the Alai Valley.

Walking 5 km, 2 hours

Altitude 5100-4400 m

Descent on the scree is not difficult. You can go out early and have breakfast in the First Camp. Or, with good weather and well-being, enjoy your stay on top. After lunch is technical training on the glacier. Walking on crampons, using rope, climbing with jumar, etc.

Today you can do nothing. Only eat, drink and sleep. Tomorrow will begin a real hard work.

Walking 8 km, 6-7 hours

Altitude 4400-5400 m

The path from the First Camp to the Camp 2 (5400 m) is given very hard both physically and psychologically. Many glacial crevices and some risk avalanche make this place the most dangerous on the route. You need to leave Camp 1 long before dawn. This will allow you to minimize the danger and to avoid the hot sun in the afternoon. It is necessary to use rope and protection equipment for glaciers all the way. Crevices are found even in the Camp 2 spot between the tents. There are fix ropes in the most dangerous places, using of jumar (ascender) or prusik is recommended. Camp 2 is located on a small moraine under the rocks or close to this moraine.

Walking 8 km, 7-9 hours

Altitude 5400-6148-5400 m

Above Camp 2 is no longer the heat that at the previous section. Early exit is not necessary here. There are two snow-ice steeps on the way to the summit, which are very difficult to take. Here also go using the rope. You need 4-6 hours to reach the top of Razdelnaya Peak. The camp 3 of Lenin Peak route is located on a snowy plateau on our way. Here, a lunch with hot tea and after rest we will go down to Camp 2 in the same way.

Walking 8 km, 3-4 hours

Altitude 5400-4400 m

Descent the same way to Camp 1. You should also pay attention to the early exit. Rest, Gala dinner.

Walking 12 km, 4 hours

Automobile 300 km, 5 hours

Altitude 4400-3600-1000 m

On a familiar road we return to the Base Camp. Here we are waited by a tasty dinner and a car driven to Osh. The final dinner in the restaurant, cultural program at will.

Automobile 20 km, 30 min

Transfer to the airport.


For a group of 3 people


  • Border permit and all necessary permits, environmental fees and entrance fees according to the program;
  • Pick-up at the airport;
  • Transfers Osh city - BC Achik Tash – Osh city;
  • Accommodation - Hotel in Osh, BC and C1 Tents (twin based) during the program;
  • Meals - Full Board during the program;
  • Shower 2 times total in BC and C1;
  • Radio communication on the ascent;
  • Doctor’s consultations, first aid;
  • Organization of rescue operations (due to client’s insurance).


  • International flights;
  • Change program;
  • Personal expenses;
  • Insurance;
  • Horses and porters services;
  • Drinks in the bar.


List of additional services:

  • Horses service and high altitude porters service (one way, same price up and down):
  • Base Camp – Camp 1                             $ 2.5/kg

    Camp 1 – Camp 2                                   $ 10/kg

    Camp 2 – Camp 3                                   $ 20/kg

  • Single supplement extra $ 220 the whole program.
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You should have insurance coverage for 30,000 US Dollars.

The insurance should cover injured transportation.

necessary equipment:

  • sleeping bag 4 seasons;
  • sleeping pad;
  • trekking shoes;
  • high altitude boots;
  • sandals;
  • Summer clothes (+35-40°C in the Osh city);
  • waterproof jackets and pants;
  • warm (fleece) jackets and pants;
  • warm gloves and hats;
  • mittens;
  • down jacket;
  • Balaclava;
  • sunglasses (plus ski mask is better);
  • headlamp;
  • sunscreen;
  • backpack 40-60 liters;
  • thermos;
  • harness;
  • crampons;
  • ice ax;
  • helmet;
  • ascender (jumar);
  • 2-3 carabiners;
  • personal medical kit;
  • hiking poles

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